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One Willem story in English

maanantai, joulukuu 21st, 2015

Because the holidays are coming, I decided to translate one Willem comic in English. Translating is very difficult for me, so there must be errors… This is a story I originally submitted to the Nordic Comics Competition. The topic was Longest Night. I wasn’t sure if posting Willem was allowed, since it had been published before, not just this particular one, but for some reason used it anyway.

However, at first I must point out some things. Even though the story is not even two years old, I’ve been studying things since and there’s errors I would now do differently. The point of Willem is to try to be as accurate as possible while still remaining comic-like, meaning as accurate as it is possible for me. There’s always a possibility that things get outdated anyway. I’ll list some of the problems I now notice after the comic.

Tyrannosaurus Willem, in english











Yes, I figured that it’d be more logical if the dinosaurs celebrated a version of the Midwinter/Longest Night/Yule. I decided to use Midwinter here, but if I ever publish this in English on paper, there might be some pondering about the translating of names. It was invented in the north and then celebrated everywhere, because people (dinosaurs) like holidays. And they must have had halos in the Cretaceous (I hope!)

Now I’ve tried to make Willem’s friend (his name is Joni) a bit more Dromaeosaur like, and Pyry is trying to be a Troodon but I’ll try to draw him better next time. Also the T. rexes are still a bit scaly looking. I tried to make them a bit vague, but here the desing is still that ”fuzz maybe everywhere else but necks”. Later I decided to draw some fuzz on their necks, or at least leave it a possibility – even if there’s no proof of feather-like structures on T. rex. It just feels a bit more natural. I don’t know what those critters are supposed to be, they’re kinda big for Cretaceous mammals. But then again, I had so be flexible with sizes. Also, the vegetation is kind of bare. I’ve tried to make sense of it during past year, but it’s difficult.

Dinosaurs probably didn’t and don’t need vitamin D supplements because of the darkness, but the joke is still there… I have no idea about that, or even vitamin D needs on modern avians.