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Well, explain that!

sunnuntai, toukokuu 7th, 2017

Finnish version originally published in Sarjari #97






Willem is going to be an astronaut!

lauantai, lokakuu 8th, 2016

Here is another Willem comic, translated roughly into English! It’s also probably full of tiny errors, but I figure that when I have more material I’d like to draw the first ones (or all) again anyway… Original finnish version is here. < Ja alkuperäinen suomeksi siis tuosta!

Read the whole comic under the cut


Rock pools

maanantai, huhtikuu 4th, 2016


Miron chapter 2 in English

keskiviikko, huhtikuu 9th, 2014

This second chapter was even more difficult to translate than the first, and I didn’t know how to translate some things… so I hope it’s readable. Also, since I used the original print files all pages are a in different sizes. I should have cropped them, but I’ll fix that if I’ll continue this translation.

I’m not very happy with Emmi either, now I’d draw her differently… especially after finding out that her overly mangaish look put some readers away from the comic because they thought the story was something else than what it was.

Chapter 1 is here.

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Miron chapter 1 in English

tiistai, maaliskuu 11th, 2014

Miron – The Room Upstairs (Miron – Yläkerran huone) was first published on my webpage. Later there was an album published by Seitti. The translation is probably not very good because of my poor English, so this is mainly a test to see how it’d work out. I have yet no plans to translate the following chapters, but the names and places would likely change a bit if I did.


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Ja suomeksi, uusia päivityksiä erinäisistä aiheista on työn alla mutta tuli joitakin juttuja jotka viivästyttivät.
…Ja jotenkin huvittaa vieläkin tuo suihkusta kauluspaita päällä tuleminen.